A Lovely Time of Year

After a long grey winter and a short, murky spring, we finally had a few days of sunshine! And what beauties there are to be seen!



I know full sun is not the best light to try to take pictures...but after so many grey days, it was impossible to resist trying to capture its radiance.




Here's our little balcony last week. We've since planted all our little herbs and peppers and tiny tomatoes. I want to put up hanging baskets with waterfalls of leaves and flowers that ripple and swirl in the breeze. Only I don't know anything about plants and don't know which will create the most beautiful leaf/flower waterfalls.


Our new patio furniture is from Ikea and we've had to keep the cushions in the house (due to rain) since we bought it. So sad! But now there is sun (well, not right now...right now it is raining again) and it'll be warm and dry enough this week to eat dinners out on the balcony. It is a lovely time of year.