A Transient Season

For some people, winter is over and spring is here.

winter walk1

For some, winter never came in the first place.

winter walk3

Here in Minnesota, it is still winter.

winter walk7

Pretty winter, but winter nonetheless.

winter walk8

A couple of weeks ago we got a huge snowstorm and I walked to work despite the unshoveled sidewalks.

winter walk9

In some places it was up to my knees...like this sidewalk.

winter walk11

And by the time I walked home, there were paths for me to walk.

winter walk12

And winter sun to admire.

winter walk13

And a snowy adventure to remember.

winter walk14

We are the land of the transient season. Enjoy these beauties while they last.


  1. Wow, these are just beautiful. Thankfully, there are very talented people like you to take these lovely pictures which almost make me want to live where there is a lot of snow again, but I think I will stay put in the south!


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