In my many years as a crafter/artist, I've tried so many things. I've tried drawing, painting, sculpting, calligraphy, scrapbooking, fabric printing, jewelry making, sewing clothes/quilts/dolls/bags. There was my stained glass and then wine charm and then decoupage phase. There was the year I was going to make 50 (but then only made one) Victorian valentines. I crochet, I knit, I embroider, I cross-stitch. I've even tried my hand at dyeing yarn.

I thought there was nothing left.

And then I read Sara's blog and omg, you guys...she's weaving. WEAVING!

You all know how the rest of the story goes, right?


Sara was so kind and answered all my weaving questions and pointed me towards the Cricket 15" Rigid Heddle Loom. I bought it like, 2.5 seconds after she told me she liked hers. I ordered it from The Woolery.


I also bought a 10-dent heddle because that's what Sara uses for sock yarn scarves. Because, you guys, I have so much sock yarn! I basically only have sock yarn!


So, I wove this little mat and it was really, really fun! I finished it in one day. It would have taken me months to knit something this size with sock yarn...weaving is so amazingly fast! I knew my first try at weaving might be a total disaster so I used leftover yarn to make a mat for the cat's food and water bowls. Extra-cat really loves it, as you can see.


I have much more practicing to do but I'm really happy with my first try. Since making this, I bought this Craftsy class (on sale) on Sara's recommendation and it's really good. I've only watched the classes up through making a scarf but the second project is a tea towel...omg, I'm going to be able to make all of our kitchen towels now!!!


So, that's it for now. I have so many scarf ideas in mind and pretty much everyone is getting something woven this year for the holidays. I'm even thinking of how I could weave my own fabric to sew into a skirt or something. That would be amazing! But let's not get ahead of ourselves...


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