Holiday Knitting

Last weekend I realized I only had two weekends to finish knitting my mom's socks before our holiday party. Not so bad...but then I picked up the socks and noticed that I'd only knit about an inch. Um, NOT GOOD!

As I was knitting away, I looked over at my mini tree and the light through the window was so nice that I got off my lazy butt and took some pictures.


One thing I have yet to figure out is where the best picture taking spots are in our new house. Like, what room gets the best light? And at what time of day? Sunny? Cloudy? Should I go outside?

I haven't been in the picture taking mood so it hasn't been an issue. But since I was thisclose to going out on the balcony in -1 degree weather to take photos of socks, I think I may be over my slump. Which is exciting because I miss creating and blogging and talking with you all.


So, back to socks. As of last night, I'm at about 8". I think I'm about 10-12 hours from finishing them which is totally do-able. Of course, I keep forgetting that I have other gifts to it'll be close.


Are you making gifts for the holidays? What are you making? Are you scrambling at the last minute like I am or have you finished everything already?


  1. i keep putting off one of the gifts i'm making b/c it's curtains and I hate hate hate sewing those. i should be able to finish everything on time technically. good luck on finishing your socks! are you using addi sock rockets? I just bought 2 pairs and i'm really liking them so far.

  2. those socks are so nice! I would never have the patience to make those! THey sure are pretty though.


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