They're Coming To Get You, Barbara

I have so much to tell you guys!

First, I totally watched Halloween movies with Ian this year. Scary ones. Like, Night of the Living Dead scary. You guys, I'm terrified of zombies but I watched that movie anyway. And was terrified..and still am...and can't stop saying "They're coming to get you, Barbara" at pretty much any time when a catch phrase like that would be funny. Just so you know, it's funny ALL the time! I'm telling you, it's impossible to over-use works for pretty much everything! Ask Ian...I'm sure he's totally NOT sick of it yet.

Also, I've been walking to work every day. Today it was 13 degrees out! OMG, that's cold! It was so cold that I didn't even care what I looked like! It has to be REALLY cold for common sense to win out over vanity. I'm so very, very proud of myself, not only for walking in the cold but for wearing my own knit things. I knit a hat (that accidentally cost me $70 to make so I have to wear it for, like, forever now) and a cowl that is big and puffy and teal and warm. I want to make mittens too but I'm not sure how to make really warm mittens...the kind that are needed when it's OMG 13 degrees outside! But that's okay because I already have warm (store-bought) mittens and I don't really have time to knit mittens anyway because:

I've been knitting socks! I knit a pair of socks for me as sort of a practice pair...and I totally finished them and they are amazing. No pictures yet because I've been so lazy about taking pictures of things. Also, I want to buy a sock blocker so my socks look nice for pictures. If you want to see some pretty socks, check out my favorite sock knitting inspiration blog.

lily pond
I made socks out of this yarn!

And now I'm knitting a pair each for my mom and aunt for christmas. We all have the same size feet...convenient! Each pair is taking me around 30 hours to finish...that's nothing compared to a quilt but I feel like it's way too much time to knit a simple pair of socks. I'm beginning to suspect that I'm a very slow knitter!

So, anyway, that's all I really wanted to tell you.


  1. congrats on your sock knitting! i think it takes me roughly the same amount of time to knit one pair of socks, knit a worsted weight sweater, or make a lap-sized quilt. it's weird how time-consuming crafting is!

    when you are ready to knit mittens, the best way to make them ultra warm is to line them. i like to do stranded colorwork for the outside (already a double layer) and then use a luxury fiber for the inside, like cashmere, alpaca, yak, angora, or camel. i keep knitting new mittens but when it gets really cold i always turn to my end of may mittens as they are the warmest pair i own:


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