Scary Dreams

I just got this email from Ian: I had a dream that I wanted a new pair of shorts to wear to the section I was TAing, so I whipped up a pair out of some of your fabric. And then, when I finally managed to change into my new shorts, I was all, "these are incredibly ugly. I can't teach in these!" And then I was all, "Crystal is going to be PISSED at how much of her Nicey Jane I used on these hideous shorts." And then I woke up.

nicey jane

So, three things:
1) Yes, I would be PISSED if he used my Nicey Jane to make "hideous" shorts.
2) Nicey Jane shorts would be AWESOME, not hideous!
3) Ian wants you to know that the most ridiculous part of his dream was not that he'd sewn Nicey Jane shorts to wear to school. The most ridiculous part was that he was a Teacher's Assistant...because (as he quite pompously states) he has TA's of his own now.

Don't be jealous, ladies!

nicey jane vs cat


  1. BAHHHHHAHAHAHAHA!!! That is H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    What I actually find the most ridiculous about this dream is that Ian actually KNOWS the name of the fabric line!! I'm pretty sure IF Sean were to ever have a dream about sewing anything, he would have absolutely NO CLUE the names of any fabric lines or even what is one of my favorites out of my huge stash.

    (so I guess you should feel pretty flattered....he actually DOES listen to you!)

    I can't wait to meet you guys in person someday....Ian is a riot and I love him! (not in 'that' way, but you know what I mean!) Is he really this funny (and sarcastic) or do you make him out that way?

    p.s. did you see the sneak peak of the huge nicey jane quilt I did this weekend?

  2. Ha that's awesome :D And hilarious.

    If it wouldn't mean actually using the fabric to make shorts... I'd totally tell you to make him a pair of nicey jane shorts, just as a joke :D

  3. HAAAA!!! I love nightmares that are based in nonsense. Audrey recently had a nightmare and yelled in her sleep, "No. NO! I don't want a moustache!!" I have no idea.

  4. I think he secretly wants to play with your fabric. BWHAHAHA! Funny story, love it.

  5. Um, that is so funny!! I love it :) :) :)


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