Last Minute Gift Ideas, Just in Case

I can't believe the holidays are nearly here. It sort of sneaks up on me every year because I don't celebrate christmas and never really pay attention to the date on the calendar (I even missed my brother's birthday this year). All I know is that my parents are coming to my house for the weekend before christmas and that the day is rapidly approaching. (On actual christmas I'll be at the theater watching Les Miserables and eating an entire tub of popcorn by myself. It's going to be awesome!)

Even though I don't celebrate religiously, I still enjoy giving gifts to my friends and family. And were I paying attention to the date, I would have started making things much sooner. As it is, I'll be spending the next week frantically sewing upstairs in my studio. And since you might be in the same position, I wanted to share my go-to, very favorite, last minute gift ideas. You can seriously finish each of these in an hour or two, depending on how long it takes you to pick out just the right fabric.

In no particular order:

Cozy flannel (or not flannel) pillowcases by Ashley at Film in the Fridge

The ever popular Jane Market Bag by Alicia Paulson

Mobius Scarf by Fancy Tiger

Drawstring bags from my own pattern

And last but not least, I'm adding this clever little doll to my list, even though the one I made for Ian's niece took an entire morning to finish. Check out Emily's other dolls for inspiration for the darling painted faces and outfits.

A Black Apple Doll for Olivia

I made a flannel pillow and blanket set to go with her doll but when Olivia's older, I plan to make a ton of accessories. To get you started, here's a pattern for a darling beret, cape and shoes.

A Black Apple Doll for Olivia

And with that I leave you to enjoy your holiday (or non-holiday). I hope the coming days are magical and stress-free and all kinds of wonderful!


  1. I love your (or I guess Olivia's) doll! It's so cute and the mouth and eyes are just too precious! Thanks for the links to other quick gifts. I'll have to keep those in mind for when I want to make something for people.

  2. What a great way to spend Christmas Day. You'll enjoy the movie, it's excellent.


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