Avada Kedavra!

What do you do when your friend's kid turns 8 and has a Harry Potter themed birthday party and you have no idea what 8 year olds actually want for their birthdays?  Make him his very own Harry Potter themed banner, of course!

julian banner
(It's not this wonky in real life...sigh...)

Literally the only thing I regret about not having kids is that I have no way to know if a gift is age appropriate.  It makes me feel all weird and stressed out.  Like, I try to remember what sort of things I wanted when I was 8 but I can't remember!

Fortunatly for me, I don't have many friends who have kids.  Also fortunately, Allison said Julian liked the banner and he sent the most adorable thank you note.

julian banner

If you or someone you know loves Harry Potter and you want to make yourself/them HP themed quilted things, you HAVE to check out Jennifer's Harry Potter pattern page.  She's so awesome and has paper pieced patterns for all things Harry Potter (and also things NOT Harry Potter if that's more your style).

Don't know how to paper piece?  Don't worry, she has you covered!