A Busy Summer

I can't believe it's August!  Last year at this time I was in London.  This year I'm busy in other ways...including staying up late to watch the London Olympics.


I've been practicing the accordion.  I can now play 8 notes (badly!) and 5 chords (pretty well).  I've never tried to learn to play an instrument before.  It's a challenge that I find invigorating rather than depressing.  I prefer to be good at things right away but I find that improving slowly but steadily is nice in its own way.  I can see now that with enough practice, I'll be good at the accordion someday if not today.


I've also been enjoying my ballroom dancing class.  I can now do an (admittedly mediocre) Around the World (I tried to google a video for you guys but the internet thinks I'm searching for international ballroom dancing instead of a dance move).  You'll never believe this but I actually went out dancing the other night!  It was a variety dance night at a nearby bar.  Variety indeed!  They had both kinds of music: country and western.  We were expecting more swing (the website told us there would be swing!) so we were a little disappointed.  But, not to be deterred, we danced swing anyway since the two-step uses the same timing.  And get this: not one guy asked me to dance!  Can you believe it?  I'm super nice!  I did manage to convince some of our guy friends to dance with me...and Karrie and I danced together quite a bit.  We had a great time but still, a girl likes to be asked to dance on occasion.


I've also been sewing!  I've managed to complete 4 quilt tops in the past month which feels super good!  Two were recent starts (gifts!) but two were half finished tops that had been sitting in a storage bin for years.  I'm not sure when I'll quilt them but for now, just finishing the tops feels like a major accomplishment.


I've also been getting out of the house more, mostly in the manner of dinner with friends.  Ian and I saw Moonrise Kingdom which was awesome!  We saw The Merry Wives of Windsor and had a picnic...I love an outdoor play!  I also went to California for a week to visit Ian's parents, sister and niece. 


So, anyway, that's what's up with me these days.  What are you up to?!


  1. Sounds great! Seems like you are having a nice summer! Ughh...I need to write you a letter...maybe tonight. I got home this morning after driving 19 hours from my mom's house! Rockford, IL to Newport, RI STRAIGHT! and I drove all but the first 300 miles! (so, over 700 for me!) Glad to be home, but I'm super excited for school to start! Everyone here is absolutely driving me NUTS! WAY TOO MUCH TIME TOGETHER!

    1. OH... and AAAAHHHHH-CHOOOOO! ;)

      (you know....your cats)

  2. I just clicked on your blog the other day wondering what you'd been up to (and then discovered that, yes, I do have you in my reader, you've just been quiet!)

    As for what I've been up to this summer, you can see it on my blog - as always. That said I've been on vacation, and the stuff I did during that period will be on my blog starting this Monday.

    Glad to hear you're doing well and conquering your fears!

  3. love the kitty love

  4. Sound like a lot of funny and memorable moments happened to you this summer. I like how you applied the moves you learned in your ballroom class at the bar. So, have you learned some new moves? If you have, can you show us some of those dance moves? :)


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