Olivia the Baby

On Halloween this year, Ian's sister had her first baby. Little Olivia is already in love with the band Take That, the Chelsea Lions and the color pink.

Before Christmas this year, Ian's mom asked me to make a stocking for Olivia. Ian and Heather's grandmother made them stockings when they were little and she wanted to keep up the tradition. She doesn't sew and I was flattered that she asked me.

Other than her request that it should maybe be pink and, if possible, incorporate Olivia the Pig fabric, I had free reign.

quilted stocking for Olivia

Having never made a stocking before, I think it turned out pretty darn good. And it was fun to make...little squares are my favorite!

Ian's mom found a great (out of print) stripey Olivia the Pig fabric. I only had one fat quarter so I had to get creative. The cuff for the stocking was one stripe (Ian's idea!):

quilted stocking for Olivia

The words "Olivia" were from another stripe. And then there was this cute cameo stripe:

quilted stocking for Olivia

I added the hand quilting after everything was assembled to make sure the lining didn't shift or pull out. The back is a single piece of blush Boquet Toss from my very favorite fabric line: Ginger Blossom.

back of stocking

If I ever make another stocking, I think I'll skip the batting. There's no batting in the cuff but the rest of the stocking is a little bulky and stiff. But Heather and her mom liked it so that's what counts.

I'm excited to show you the other things I made for Olivia. Stay tuned.