Cathedral Windows Redux

So, remember when I was obsessed with cathedral window quilts? And remember when, two days later, I became un-obsessed with them?

I've been thinking about them again, thinking about how much I love them. But then I remembered how much I hate making them. In fact, I even made a list:

1) I can't stand making the folded base pieces. I have the patience for about 1.5 before I want to quit. A quilt takes significantly more than that, I think.

2) I hate those flappy triangles. I hate them when I'm sewing the bases together, when I'm sewing the squares in, basically I just hate them altogether.

3) It bothers me when the flappy triangles don't all meet in the middle, especially when they're not even pointy!

4) I don't like that the back is all one color. My preference is to use white for my base fabric...and I don't want an all white quilt back. I'm too messy for that!

So I've been thinking about how to make a cathedral window quilt that eliminates everything I hate.

And I did.

Cathedral Window Mini Quilt

But the problem is that I'm not sure I like the new process any better. It's just a tricky block and it takes a lot of work no matter what.

Cathedral Window Mini Quilt

I made this super mini quilt as a test for a bigger mini quilt. I'm glad I did because I made quite a few mistakes. Like how I hand-quilted the whole thing only to realize I'd forgotten to put fabric in the four corners. Or how I got a knot on the back while re-quilting but didn't notice until I'd quilted about half the block? Or what about that red binding? I'm kicking myself for not going with white...but I didn't even consider white until the whole thing was finished. And check it out...someone cut her binding way too wide:

Cathedral Window Mini Quilt

Oh least I learned what not to do next time. And yes, there will be a next time. I'm determined to find an enjoyable way to make these.

Until then, is there anything you love/hate about quilting? Is there a particular block, pattern or style of quilt that you love but can't stand the thought of making for yourself?