Thursday, June 9, 2011

Summer of Scraps

While I'm still busy at work, I'm finding more time to sew. A week ago I made a pact with myself to NOT think about work while I'm at home. It was hard at first. Once I was paying attention to my thoughts, it was pretty scary to realize how many revolved around work. If left unchecked, the thought would turn to fretting and I'd feel the ball of anxiety building in my stomach.

But home time is not for fretting or for thinking about work. So I'm not going to do it anymore.

Instead, I'm going to spend time hanging out with Ian and my friends and sewing and eating dinner outside and riding my bike.

scrappy mini quilt

Since I've adopted my "no work at home" policy, my previously muddy brown mind has become bright and cheerful. It makes me want to make bright and cheerful things. Like this bright and cheerful mini quilt:

scrappy mini quilt

I cut the binding from yardage but the rest is made entirely from scraps. Even the batting!

scrappy mini quilt

Sewing together these tiny scraps feels like a metaphor for my life right now. I might not get to choose the shape and size of the pieces in the scrap bin, but it's up to me to decide how to sew them together.

scrappy mini quilt

I hope things are going well for all of you and that you're finding time to enjoy the summer (or that you're staying warm if it's winter where you are). I'll be back next week with more things made from scraps. I can tell it's going to be quite a scrappy summer.

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