Dream On...

I just saw this beautiful vintage sheet quilt and it reminded me that I really want to make a Dream On quilt this summer. I first saw Dream On last spring but the line didn't come out until fall. I bought a fat quarter pack the very first second I could but when it finally got to my house, I wasn't in a vintage sheet mood. But now I am!

dream on fat quarter bundle

Amy's quilt also reminded me that I've been looking for an excuse to make a Kaleidoscope quilt...and join the Kaleidoscope quilt-along!

I'm going to check out my Dream On stash tonight to see if I can decide on a background color. There are many to choose from...I'm not sure what to do. I'm not officially joining the quilt-along until I can decide...and I might give up the idea entirely if I'm not excited about any of my options. Either way, this is the closest I've come to actually using my Dream On stash and the idea is exciting. I really hope it works out!