Friday, March 4, 2011

Bottled Rainbows: Tangerine

My last Bottled Rainbows block for the week is Tangerine:

Bottled Rainbows: Tangerine

I used Kona Orange and, while it's not very different from the Kona Tangerine, I think the blocks turned out different enough.

I really had a fun time working with these fabrics. My mom told me that when she was a girl, orange was her favorite color. I was also a girl at the time and I thought "Orange is dumb! How could it be anyone's favorite color?" It was seriously mind-boggling. But now, I take it all back. Orange is such an exciting color! The world would be so boring without it.

Bottled Rainbows: Tangerine

Anyway, I'm taking a blogging break this weekend but I'll be back on Monday with another block. It'll feature one of my new-ish fabric purchases and I think you'll like it.

Have a great weekend!

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