Bottled Rainbows: Plum

You guys! I totally kicked some Bottled Rainbows ass this weekend! I only have three blocks to go! Today's block is Plum:

PlumBottled Rainbows: Plum

I have about two minutes to write about this block so I'm just going to say: I don't have a lot of plum fabric (to match the Kona Lupine) and I cut into my very recently purchased Far Far Away II fabric.

See...the Owl and the Pussycat!

Bottled Rainbows: Plum

They are so cute! I bought a FQ set of all the FFA 2 prints but I don't know how I should use them. Maybe bits and pieces here and there...maybe an entire quilt. I'm having trouble matching the colors to anything in my stash at the moment.

I also wish these were printed on regular cotton fabric. The linen has so much texture that it's hard to see the actual drawings. They're so sweet and filled with beautiful's really a shame.

Anyway, that's it for now. Hope you had a fun weekend filled with sewing or other fun things!