Bottled Rainbows: Grass

I mentioned yesterday that I only have three Bottled Rainbows blocks left to finish. Were you as surprised by that as I was? I'm definitely a project starter, obsesser and then abandoner. I can't ever seem to finish a project, no matter how much I loved it in the beginning.

Bottled Rainbows: Grass
(Kona Grass Green)

And it bothers me and I'm trying really hard to change. I want to be the sort of person who finishes what she starts.

I've devised a new system that seems to be working. Every Monday, I set attainable (yet significant) project goals for the week/weekend. Those are my priorities and I work on them first. The key to the whole plan, though, is that these goals should be very manageable in size. It's important that I have enough unscheduled time to work on a different project, should I so choose. And the faster I get through my to-do list, the more time I have for said projects.

Bottled Rainbows: Grass

It's the perfect plan for me: I feel a sense of accomplishment when I finish my goals for the week, I make headway each week on important projects (or projects with deadlines) and I also have time to work on other projects that I'm obsessed about.

This week's goals are as follows: finish the last three Bottled Rainbows blocks, photograph them while it's still light out, assemble the quilt top (and back), layer and baste. I also want to finish four wonky star blocks.

wonky stars

Not bad, right? And I think I can do all this and still have time to have guests over for dinner on Saturday. I might also get a head start on next week's goal: finish the Bottled Rainbows quilt! Exciting!