Request for Opinions

I have a question for any of my readers who are more knowledgeable about babies than I am. (This applies to probably 99% of my readers, just so you know.)

Is it a good idea to make a baby bib out of laminated cotton?

Laminated Cotton Tablecloth

At first I thought yes because it would be easy to wipe clean. Then I thought no because couldn't it be a suffocation hazard or something? Aren't babies always putting stuff over their mouths? The warning on every plastic bag leads me to believe the answer is yes.

Any advice you can give to me, the most un-motherly person ever, would be much appreciated. Potential recipients of potentially fatal bibs will thank you too.

Anyway, I'm thinking up some other ways to use my laminated cotton scraps in case the bib thing turns out to be a bad idea. I used most of the original yardage to make a pretty red and white tablecloth a few months ago:

Laminated Cotton Tablecloth

But how to use the pretty leftovers? Hmmm...