More Nicey Jane

Posting every day is hard! Well, actually, it's more that the days go by so quickly that I don't even notice that I haven't posted. I'm definitely trying but I don't want to put too much pressure on myself to post every day...even though that is my ultimate goal.

So, let's see...Monday through Wednesday. I finished cutting squares for my Nicey Jane quilt. Then I spent quite a bit of time deciding what order to put them in. I prefer to do this on the floor because I can slide the pieces around. Swapping them around on the design wall takes much longer.

Here is my progress so far...after only one minor cat attack:

nicey jane quilt

These big squares (10.5" unfinished) sew up so quickly! Not shown is the progress I made last night. I was planning to sew only one pair together because I was feeling lazy. Instead, I ended up sewing four pairs. That's not a lot of progress but it's better than the nothing I would have accomplished without this challenge.