A Finished Quilt Top

I finished the Nicey Jane quilt top the other day:

completed nicey jane quilt top

It measures 60x90 and is made of 10" (finished) squares. The thing about this quilt is...well, it's not actually going to be a quilt. I mean, it will and it won't. But I can't tell you what it will be until later this spring. I'm working on an idea...sort of a group of projects that will be fun for summer. Lots of tutorials, lots of giveaways...all with a fun summery theme.

I plan to show you bits of these projects as I work on them but I won't be able to show the finished ideas for a few months. I think that's a good compromise since I don't want to disappear from my blog just because I'm working on a "secret" project.

And even though these projects will take up a lot of my time, I'm still planning to work on other things that I can show you.

So anyway, that's it for now. I should have a few project updates for you later this week. And maybe a finished quilt? We'll see...