A Busy Weekend

Let's see...where were we...

Saturday I spent the morning fixing up a pair of workout pants that were too wide in the leg for ballet class.

altering pants for ballet class

I used a ballpoint needle (for sewing knit fabrics) for the first time and it worked really well.

my ballet slippers

After class Karrie and I went for coffee and then I came home and cut fabric for a few hours.

nicey jane quilt

I'm really happy to get the chance to spend some time with these fabrics. I bought them for my birthday and was saving them for just the right quilt. And the thing is...this fabric is going to be perfect for the quilt I have in mind. Only it's not exactly the quilt I had in mind for this fabric. Does that make sense?

I mean that I still want to make a different quilt with this fabric (and I have enough left over to do it) but the quilt I'm making now was calling out for Nicey Jane. So I had to use it. Even though it wasn't what I wanted to use it on...you know?

Yesterday Ian and I drove to Madison, Wisconsin (a 10 hour round trip!) to see The Threepenny Opera. It was amazing! I didn't know anything about it but that was part of the fun. Ian's been wanting to see it for a long time now and Madison was the closest city we could find.

And since I'm the driver, I didn't get any sewing done on Sunday. We left before dawn and got back super late. It was quite a day!

Anyway, I wanted to thank you for your comments on my post on Saturday. We're cat-sitting my grandma's cat while she's in Arizona for a few months. She's definitely a spunky kitten...and she's giving Ian's more mature cats a run for their money. And every day she rips things off my design wall when I'm not looking. At least she's cute...