Friday, February 25, 2011

Bottled Rainbows: Lime

I had the day off yesterday and spent most of the morning picking out and cutting up solids for the Bottled Rainbows Quilt-Along. They're not all the same colors as the quilt-along list but they work for me.

Bottled Rainbows: Fabric

The instant I finished sewing the first base block, I got to work adding scraps. Here's my "Lime" block (using Kona Chartreuse) and I LOVE it!

Bottled Rainbows: Lime

I was originally going to cut the edges straight but the thought of all those stray threads really bothered me. I know, I dumb is it that I'm making a ticker-tape quilt? I didn't want to zig-zag the edges which left pinking as my only option. Pinked edges are more my style anyway so I'm happy!

Bottled Rainbows: Lime

My goal is to finish five blocks this weekend so I can blog one every day next week. I can't believe I'm actually working on a project I said I'd work's so unlike me! Thanks, Rachel, for creating such a fun quilt-along!

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