I bought an "It's a Hoot" charm pack the other day and couldn't wait to start making a quilt. I was especially pleased with the colors...the combination was so perfect! Check out these beauties to see what I mean. I put them up on the design wall, tried it without the yellow prints and fell in love.

its a hoot charm squares

I thought about it for a while, picked out some coordinating solids and decided to make my favorite style block:

its a hoot blocks

This is just not working for me. I don't know why...maybe I don't like the dark blue?...but mostly I'm just not feeling this block with these fabrics. I was annoyed at first but only because I really wanted it to work. And maybe I could make it work but I don't feel obligated to keep trying.

To me, quilting without obligation means knowing when "enough is enough". So, back to the ol' drawing favorite part!