Quilting With Obligation: Love

My mom is the best. She's always positive and supportive. She actually cares about people's problems and cries when they cry. She takes care of people when they're sick and she's never crabby. My mom and I are so different...I wish I could be like her but I'm just not. She's the better woman and she makes me want to be better, nicer and more thoughtful of other people's feelings.

I love my mom...and that's the only thing that got me through making this quilt:

rainbow quilt

It's flannel, it's rainbow, it's huge...and it's going on their bed. It's backed with, of course, penguins:

rainbow quilt back

And it's just what my mom has always wanted.

I made it because I love my mom. It's most definitely NOT a quilt I'd ever make otherwise...which is why it took me four years to finish. I'm not a very good daughter. But I did spend two of my vacation days working on it...that's right, four years of procrastination and it only took two days to finish. *Sigh*

rainbow quilt

Quilting with obligation still super sucks...but it's a little easier when it's for someone you love.