Look what I got in the mail:

owl hat

It's the cutest hat with the cutest owls knit by the cutest girl! Do you know I haven't worn a hat since I was five? I was a serious girl with a serious objection to hats. My parents thought I'd come around after a few icy winter days but 24 years came and went with nary a hat in sight.

Then I turned 29 and just as suddenly, I decided that hats were a good idea. At about the same time, J asked me if she could knit something special for me.

Fate? I think so.

owl hat

I'm afraid my "I live in the midwest where it gets dark at 5pm" photos do not do this hat justice. I simply adore it! Thanks J!

Also, in case you're interested, J says this is a mash-up of two patterns: "Who" and "Odessa". Check out J's notes on Ravelry.