A Summery Update

It's so hot here...too hot to do much of anything. Even with the air-conditioning on at home, the studio gets too hot to sew. I've been hand sewing hexies and watching Netflix movies in the coolest room of the house. That's pretty much it.

summery hexagons

Ian and I had fun at the wedding this weekend but the church and the reception hall were both too hot. At least I looked hot in my dress...the good kind of hot, naturally. Of course, I forgot my camera so I can't prove it.

summery hexagons

Ian and I are going to see A Streetcar Named Desire tomorrow night. I'm planning to wear my new dress again and maybe I'll get pictures this time. As excited as I am for the play, I dread walking the two blocks to the light rail station. Oh my...it's just too hot!

So, is it just me or is anyone else excited for autumn?