Without Obligation

I've been thinking a lot about "quilting without obligation". Apparently, many other quilters are too. In fact, Jennifer has an especially great series about it on her blog.

There have been some interesting side effects to my own adventures in quilting without obligation. The most obvious is that as soon as I didn't have to work on things, out of guilt or deadlines, I found that I actually wanted to work on them.

Like my Modify Tradition sampler quilt! I'd been avoiding those blocks since January but for some strange reason, I got the urge to work on them this weekend. And look what happened:

modify tradition quilt top

I finished the quilt top! Can you believe it? I pretty much can't. And the best part is that quilting without obligation means I can hang this top in the closet and not think about it again until I feel like quilting it. Which might be soon...or not.

Quilting without obligation has put the fun back into quilting! And isn't that what it's all about? Why spend precious time working on things you don't like, on things that aren't feeding your creativity and nourishing your dreams? Life is too short to make quilts you don't like! I already live my life as obligation free as possible, it just took me longer to apply it to my creative life too. And now my creativity is flourishing! And that's how it should be.

So, what about you? What do you do "with obligation" that you could maybe try "without obligation"?