Friday, July 9, 2010

Just Because

Summer has been great so far! It's been light and free of any obligations, quilting or otherwise.

aqua & yellow mini quilt

Usually I'm only productive when I'm avoiding working on a certain project. But this summer is different. I'm finishing up projects that have been around for a while, because I feel like it, not because I have to. I'm also working on fun, "just because" sorts of projects.

aqua & yellow mini quilt

The whole thing is weird but I like it! The freedom to pick and choose projects is really nice. I'm taking the time to "listen" to my fabrics, to let them tell me what they want to be. I'm trusting my instincts and letting things happen.

aqua & yellow mini quilt

Summer is all about seizing the moment and having adventures. Maybe hand quilting a 17"x17" mini quilt isn't what most people would call an adventure, but in my world, it's the height of excitement!

What are you up to this summer, quilting or otherwise?