30 Things

Since I turned 29 earlier this month, I've been thinking about what I want to do before I turn 30. Not that I'm afraid of 30...but I'm pretty fond of my 20's and don't want the fun to end. That's why I've thought up a list of things to do before I turn 30.

I'd like to:

-lose 30 lbs.
-read 30 books
-finish 30 quilts
-walk 30 thousand miles
-save 30 thousand dollars
-go to Atlantic City and drink 30 drinks while playing "30" and get 30 guys' phone numbers (Ian likes this one the least but if the Gilmore Girls could do it with "21", I can do it with 30!)

I know I'm prone to "thinking big" but this all sounds pretty reasonable, right?

Ok, so, obviously, the only thing on this list that's real is to lose 30 lbs. And it's not just a silly goal to make everything "30"...it's actually a good weight for my height. I'm planning to walk a lot on the treadmill but only 10 miles a week which adds up to only 520 miles before my birthday. Far from 30,000 but it'll have to do.

Speaking of walking, have you seen Matt's blog: I'm Just Walkin'? He's walking from New York to Oregon, just for because. The thing I love the most, besides the photos of his journey, is reading about the kind strangers he's met along the way. People have given him food or invited him to join them for lunches/dinners or to stay overnight in their front yards/campers/spare bedrooms. They've welcomed him to parties and barbeque's and even a family reunion!

It's not all sunshine and roses, of course...the weather is sometimes bad and people are sometimes jerks, but Matt stays positive through it all. He's quite an inspiration! I only wish I knew he was doing this sooner...he walked right past Ian's house one day. I would have liked to walk with him for a while, assuming I could work up the courage to approach him.

I wish I had some projects to share with you. (Reading about other people's great accomplishments makes me feel a little lazy.) So, instead of project photos (because I don't have any), here's a picture I took while cat sitting last week:


We are so lazy!