Summer Reading

I'm usually the last to the party when it comes to books and this summer's selection is no exception. I picked Memoirs of a Geisha off Karrie's bookshelf a week ago and haven't put it down since. (This is why I haven't posted all week!)

I remember when the movie came out I made the decision to ignore it and the book. I really wasn't into Japanese culture, you see, and every Japanese movie I'd seen up to that point (what, like, one?) seemed very slow and dull.

Now, a mere five years later, I'm still not into Japanese culture but after about three pages I was hooked on this story.

If you missed the geisha craze last time around, I highly recommend you give this book a shot. If you know nothing about geisha or their culture, you just might find it all very interesting. You might also find it interesting to know that women still train to be geisha. I had no idea and I felt sort of sad and confused when I found out. Even so, the part of me that loves beauty for beauty's sake truly appreciates the art that is the geisha.

So, what's on your summer reading list this year? Do you have any must-read recommendations?