On the Edge

I can't remember seeing a crochet edge pillowcase for the first time. Instead, they seem to be one of the many things I've just always loved. Unfortunately, as a kid I had limited knowledge-gathering tools (no internet?! what?!) nor did we have the resources to buy art/craft supplies anyway. Most beautiful projects were far out of my reach.

Now, as an adult, if I want to make it, I can! I saw these beautiful pillowcases on Rose Hip and thought they were even more beautiful than the crochet edge pillows of my youth. And they are because just look at those bright colors!

crochet edge pillowcase

And while reading all about them, I found out that You Go Girl has created a four part tutorial showing us all how to make a posh pillowcase with a crocheted edge. Awesome!

crochet edge pillowcase

Last week I went to the scary yarn store, actually *gulp* asked for help and bought six lovely skeins of Baby Bomull cotton yarn. It's so tiny and soft!

baby bomull cotton yarn

I used a 3mm crochet hook even though the lady tried to get me to buy a teeny tiny 2.5mm hook. Too scary!

crochet edge pillowcase

And so, here it is...my very own posh pillowcase with a crocheted edge. I think I can get three pillowcases out of each skein (but I might be totally off in my estimations, never having worked with this yarn before). I'm pretty excited to crochet edges on lots of things, not just pillowcases. I'm also excited to try out new edges...scallops are nice but I'm ready for more!

What about you? Do you love crochet edge pillowcases as much as I do? Do you know of any sweet crochet edge stitches I should try? Are you going to make your own crochet edge pillowcase? Please?