Mermaid Update

It's time for another mermaid quilt update! I've been avoiding working on this because all those bias edges were freaking me out. I was sure the pieces wouldn't line up and I just sort of didn't want to know.

But, I'm happy to tell you that they did line up and I have two rows finished and sewn together:

mendocino and neptune quilt

My machine likes to pull the top layer more than the bottom (even though I have a walking foot) so sewing on the bias is always tricky. Thankfully, this pattern calls for sashing cut on grain. I made sure to sew my pieces together with the sashing strip always on top. The sashing didn't stretch as much as the bias edge pieces would have.

mendocino and neptune quilt

I also pinned each seam when I put the two rows together. Check out those matching points!

mendocino and neptune quilt

Only four more rows left to piece...and now that I'm not scared anymore, I think they'll go together pretty quickly. I might even be able to finish the top by the end of June. Maybe...