Mermaid Update

Just a little mermaid update today. I'm trying to keep myself motivated (this quilt is already more work than I like) so I thought that taking pictures and blogging them would help keep me going.

So, I finally cut out all my pieces and then decided I didn't like one of the prints. Then I had to decide which fabric I wanted to repeat. Then it took me about three hours (on and off) to decide the order of the stripes:

mermaid quilt in progress

This is always the hardest part for me. I like things to look "not planned" but really, I'm planning the heck out of it. I mostly wanted the stripes to look random but I ended up mirroring the orange and accident at first but then I liked it too much to start over.

And now I'm sashing each piece and sewing them together in rows. This part is freaking me out because what if I get my long rows all sewn up and then they don't fit together? What if the points don't match? The horror!

mermaid quilt in progress

It seems that other people's points are matching up so, maybe my luck skill will come through for me. Find out the answer in my next mermaid installment!