Mermaid School

I'm making a mermaid quilt for my aunt. I've had the fabric for a year but I finally found the perfect pattern.

mermaid school quilt

It's an adaptation of the New Wave pattern, created by the lovely Elizabeth (Oh, Fransson!). I wanted to feature more fabric in each wave so I re-drafted the template to be bigger and fatter. I'll sash each wave in Kona Snow and back it with this sand print I found a few years ago.

My plan is to finish this quilt by early summer...a lofty goal considering I haven't even finished cutting all the pieces yet. And it's June already. What the heck...June?

The hard part is over, though...I already know what I'm naming the quilt. After years of attending "Mermaid School" with my aunt as head mermaid, it only seems fitting. Stay tuned...I hope to start some actual sewing later this week.