Making Limoncello: Step 3

As promised, Limoncello by 4th of July weekend! Here is the final product, straight from the freezer:


To complete the third and final step in making Limoncello, you will need to gather the following:

limoncello 1

One gallon of limoncello
3 or more clean glass bottles
2 large bowls
Metal Strainer
Coffee Filters (metal (recommended) or paper)

Step 3 is all about straining your limoncello. There are many ways to do this but this is our preferred method. First, strain out the large pieces of lemon zest by ladling your limoncello through a wire strainer:

limoncello 2

until you reduce the volume in the jar enough to pour the rest safely:

limoncello 3

Repeat the process with a metal coffee filter if you have one.

limoncello 4

limoncello 5

If you don't have a metal coffee filter, you can use paper coffee filters set into funnels. This step is sort of slow and fussy which is why we recommend the metal filter.

limoncello 6

At times the limoncello will get "stuck" in the funnel. Just lift the filter to break the seal created by the liquid.

limoncello 7

At some point, the paper filter will become clogged and you'll need to pinch the edges and squeeze the limoncello into the funnel. Toss the paper filter and replace with a new one.

limoncello 8

When your bottles are (not quite all the way) full, place in the freezer for a summery treat.


Limoncello will last practically forever if you keep it cold. In fact, we think the flavor gets better with age.


And we always have enough to set aside a few bottles for friends.