Why I love my Kindle

I don't think I talk about my Kindle enough on my blog. I mean, I really should because it's my constant companion and friend. We go everywhere together and we've already had so many adventures.

reading Jane Eyre

Do you know why I love my Kindle today? I love my Kindle today because I just downloaded a sample of Rick Steves' Athens. I won't have to go to the bookstore on my lunch break nor will I have to sit all day at work waiting to be done so I can go to the store. I also won't have to wait for Amazon to ship it to my house. Instead, I can spend my entire lunch break reading about the wonderful city of Athens and daydreaming about our potential trip there. And then, if I want to purchase the book, I can spend $10 instead of $18. (If you're reading this, Rick Steves' publisher: I wasn't going to spend the $18 anyway so don't even think about raising the price.)

Oh Kindle, how I love you!