Fun Patch Block

Today's Modern Sampler block is inspired by Burtons/North's fun patch quilt. I really love the uneven strips and the vertical yet diagonal feel of the layout. And the green Neptune paired with pink Mendocino, of course.

fun patch block

You can buy a "Fun Patch" template (I'm not sure what size blocks it would make) or for a 16.5" (unfinished) block you can cut the following:

27 - 5" x 2.5" focus fabric
a few 2.5" strips of your background fabric to finish the block

It helps to have two rulers for this step. Place one ruler 3.75" from the bottom on the right edge and place your second ruler so that the 45 degree line is on the left edge.


Cut your block along the diagonal.


If you don't have two rulers, you can mark a dot 1.25" up from the bottom on the left side and 3.75" from the bottom on the right. Then place your ruler on the dots and cut.

Place two pieces together and flip one over the diagonal. The corners should NOT be aligned. Instead, shift the pieces until the notches are 1/4" from the edge.


Sew 1/4" from the edge (starting in one of the notches).

Press and trim off the little triangles.


Arrange and sew your Fun Patch blocks in rows. (3 rows of 4, 5 rows of 3)


Sew strips of your background fabric to the top and bottom and trim so each strip measures 16.5" for a square block. (I made mine a slight rectangle by cutting at 17.5"). Before you cut, make sure to stagger your strips to create the uneven rows. Sew strips together to finish.

fun patch block

fun patch block


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