Vintage Finds

I found this shirt in a bag from my parent's attic:


And while it was too small and had a hole in a conspicuous place, I just loved the buttons across the shoulder. I'm inspired to sew buttons on all my shirts!

I mean, there are plenty of places where buttons would look nice. On the shoulder, of course, but also at the cuff or near the bottom of the side seam. Or down the opening of a V-neck! I'm definitely all about the buttons now.

Also, I've been toying with the idea of doing some wardrobe refashioning for a while now. I'm sorting through the bags of attic clothes and keeping the stuff I can spruce up (or use for patterns or cut up to make other things).


I also went thrifting a while back and found some skirts that need a little size adjustment (up, not down, unfortunately). Hopefully I'll have some fun things ready to wear by the fall.

Are any of you into wardrobe refashioning?