Modern Sampler Quilt: The Plan

When I first started dreaming of this quilt, I knew it would have to be green and grey. Not because I wanted it to be just like the inspiration quilt but because I've been obsessing over grey and green lately. It's everywhere and I've officially caught the fever.

green and grey scraps

I was originally planning to make 12 blocks but it quickly became apparent that I had more than 12 favorite quilts. To solve this little problem, I've decided to make a double sided quilt for a total of 24 blocks. The blocks will all vary in size but I'll sash them up to 20.5" (unfinished). 60" x 80" is my favorite size for quilts so this will work out perfectly.

I've decided on Kona medium grey and green for the front and was planning to use Kona coal and green on the back. But now I'm thinking coal with magenta and orange blocks. Nice, right?

So, we'll see what I feel like when I get that far. I'll post the first block tomorrow!