Hand Quilting

You know that I don't like to embroider, right? Well, working on tomorrow's Mod project reminded me that I do have a certain fondness for hand quilting. While the two seem similar, hand quilting is both decorative and useful which gives me more satisfaction than embroidery alone. I mean, just look at these stitches looking all cute while working hard to keep things together:

hand quilting

I used to be the sort of person who liked the look of fussy little stitches, all neat and proper. But now I can't stand the thought. Now I want big stitches with fat thread.

I'm sure you've all seen Anna Maria Horner's beautiful stitches. Ever since I saw this whole-cloth quilt she made years ago, I've been aching to try it for myself.

Looking at these textured stitches gives me the "back to nature" feeling I so desperately crave. I'm sure Ma Ingalls' stitches were always tiny and perfect but to me, proper stitches feel out of place in the wilderness.

In just the last week I've decided that if I hand quilt anything, it's going to have to be a zig zag quilt. Which is lucky because I started one years ago:

Freshcut zig-zag quilt top

And maybe I'll take the time to hand quilt it this summer. That sounds like a good idea, right? Who else is planning to hand quilt something this summer?