Half Square Triangle Block

I'm so excited to show you the first block for my Modern Sampler Quilt:

half square triangle block

You all know Rita who blogs at Red Pepper Quilts, right? I've been following Rita's quilting adventures since she started blogging and I'm constantly awed by the designs she comes up with. That's why when I first saw Rita's Half Square Triangle quilt, I knew I had to make one for myself. The problem? I really dislike piecing HST. I even dislike making HST. But Rita is the queen of the HST and if anyone can tempt me to make some, it's her.

As a result, this was one of the first blocks I added to the list when picking designs for my Modern Sampler Quilt. I used this photo to plan my layout.

For a 15.5" (unfinished block), cut the following:

3 - 3" x 3" background fabric
17 - 3.5" x 3.5" background fabric
17 - 3.5" x 3.5" focus fabrics

Pair one background fabric with one focus fabric and make 34 Half Square Triangles. You'll only need 33 so set one aside for an improv block or something. Trim them all to 3".

half square triangle block

Arrange, sew and admire:

half square triangle block

I can already tell I'm on the right track with this project. I still dislike HST and this one block was just about all I could handle. But it's done and I love it and it makes me so happy! Certainly much happier than a half finished HST quilt top.

If you make a block inspired by Rita's, be sure to put it in her flickr pool so we can all see!