Book Biting

Ian's cat Vector likes to bite books. The more we like the book, the more he likes to tear it apart. He's even had his eye on my Kindle lately...I caught him rubbing his face on it in preparation for biting. His appetite for books was dormant over the winter but now it grows daily. He is ravenous for books!

It's a good possibility that Ian and his cats will come to live with me in a few months and I fear for my books and my Kindle.

Why am I bringing this up now? Because I just saw this tutorial and I think I found the solution to my problems. Problem the first: how to keep books safe. Problem the second: I don't have a headboard and I've been searching for neat (preferably fabric-covered) alternatives.

I'm beginning to scheme...and of course, Ian is going to argue with me about my fabric choices. I'll accuse him of being contrary on purpose and he'll insist he just doesn't love daisies or mermaids.

Amy Butler, Midwest Modern fabric Alexander Henry, Birdseed fabric Mendocino fabric full moon dots meadowsweet garden party fabric

As if that's even possible.