Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sunny Hexagons

It felt like spring this weekend...the sun was out and the birds were chirping. It's the confusing time of year where I'm tempted to go outside...but it's still too cold and wet and there's dirty snow everywhere and also, everyone else is outside eating at the places I like to eat, shopping where I like to shop, parking in all the spaces I want to park...so I prefer to sit inside next to an open window. And that's what I did on Saturday...and I sewed some hexes...ones not destined for my big hex quilt project.


I used to whip stitch my hexes together and I hated it! I hated every second and I especially hated how you could see the stitches. This is the real reason why I lost interest last year...I couldn't stand the thought of spending all that time sewing hexes together only to hate the finished product.


Then I found out that the ladder stitch is allowed in the world of hexes so I gave it a try. And I loved it! It was fun and easy and the best part is that it looks really nice and flat on the finished side. I'm officially hooked!


I wish I could be stitching hexagons all the time! As it turned out, I didn't get this little patch finished because Ian just had to leave the house to go to lunch...so we sat in an overcrowded restaurant and then went to an overcrowded grocery store with an overcrowded parking lot. Never again! Only hexes and windows and birds for me from here on out.

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