Such Things Happen

Sometimes when you're having a bad day you just need to focus on something nice. So, maybe when you're waiting for the plumber to tell you why there is water leaking through your kitchen ceiling, you might spy these vintage sheets and think "I should make some pillowcases."

vintage sheets

And then maybe you make them and maybe nothing goes wrong and maybe you feel a bit better.

vintage sheet pillowcases

And then the plumber might say he doesn't know what's wrong and you have to wait for another plumber to come out. And while you're waiting, maybe you decide to make a matching throw pillow.

pinked pillow

And maybe nothing goes wrong there either, maybe it only takes you two hours from start to finish. And maybe the second plumber fixes the problem and maybe you have a minute or two to enjoy your new pillows before you have to leave for your dentist appointment.

reading nook

And maybe you don't have any cavities and maybe you're thankful that you had nice things to get you through your bad day. And maybe tomorrow will be better.