January Goals

I've been thinking about goals for this year. I'm trying to keep the list simple (and take one month at a time) so I don't get overwhelmed. In no particular order, my goals for January are:

-finish my modify tradition quilt
-work on tutorials for the next round of the quilt-along
-make things for a giveaway (yay!)
-straighten up the studio (especially: fold and put away every last piece of quilting fabric)
-go through my craft supplies and give away stuff I never use anymore

That's not such a terrible list, right? I'm already making great headway on a few items...mostly the fun stuff like the giveaway and the quilting. I'm nearly finished with the blocks for my sampler quilt:

modify tradition blocks

But the rest of the things are important and I know I'll feel really great once my sewing space is clean and my craft space is less cluttered. I'm excited to show you pictures of the new studio...that's right, some rearranging (and even a little painting!) has been going on at my house. Stay tuned for pictures later this week!