Pre-Holiday Freakout!

I looked at the calendar last week and couldn't believe it was already December. And then I had a freakout over all the things I had to do before the holidays. I can't believe I do this every year. I always think the calm before the holiday storm will be, well, calm. But it never is.

The first things I crossed off my list were the remaining Modify Tradition tutorials and blocks. It feels good to be finished and I'm excited to turn my blocks into a quilt before the end of the year.

The next thing I wanted to finish was my tree skirt. I'm very close...I just need to finish the binding.

quilted tree skirt

I was planning to finish the binding by hand but now I think it might be fun to finish it all by machine. It'll give me some practice with the technique and if I don't like it, that's's just a silly tree skirt.

Also, since this is just a silly tree skirt, I'm trying a new quilting technique...loops:

quilted tree skirt

As you can see, I'm having a hard time adjusting from meander to loop. Check out the bottom right corner...that's supposed to be a loop but I did a meander.

Once I got a little more comfortable with the technique, it was really fun. It felt way more natural to make loops. Also, I forgot to put the feed dogs down again so perhaps it will be easier next time.

quilted tree skirt

It feels weird to post "in-progress" photos...the things I make are usually gifts and I can't share them until they've been gifted. But I really miss blogging and I want to update more. So I guess I have to make more things for myself so I can share them with you right away. Nice plan, right?