Modify Tradition blocks, update!

I made it through the family party on Saturday and spent all of Sunday sewing (to recuperate, you know). The party was fun and it was nice to see everyone. But I was mostly excited to get back to sewing (party planning/executing takes a lot of time away from sewing).

I thought it would be prudent to work on my Modify Tradition blocks:

modify tradition blocks

And I'm so happy I did because I really love how they're turning out! I was so excited once I finished these "test" blocks that I sewed diligently for hours and hours. I don't know how Vector could sleep through such excitement and frantic sewing!

Sleepy cat

I even have an idea for the you remember these green and blue log cabins?

blue and green log cabins

I've been sashing them in white and I'm almost to the point where I can sew them together. I think it would make a great "back" for this quilt...since log cabins are traditional and the colors will match the "front" very well.

My goal is to finish all the blocks for the top before I leave town on Friday. That sounds like an easy goal but I'm going to be a little distracted starting tonight...but it's a secret for now...expect the first ghost when the bell tolls one. I mean, expect a post about the surprise later tonight.