Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Grey and Pink

Instead of feeling the holiday rush, I'm feeling the holiday lethargy. I've decided to skip handmade gifts this year. So, without the "omg, how will I ever get all this done in time?" fear, I'm feeling fairly blasé about everything, including projects that I should be excited to work on now that I have the time.

Last night I worked on my Modify Tradition quilt for a while before I found this piece of flannel and got distracted:


I stitched some rows by hand while watching Brokeback Mountain. It felt like the right thing to do with my evening. If my idea turns out well, I'll post a tutorial on Friday. I'm excited because it's been forever since I've done a tutorial. And I'm using pink embroidery floss! So, you know, that's exciting too. If you're me, anyway.