Folksy Flannel

Remember how I wasn't going to buy any new quilt fabric, not even for the backs? Well, I'm doing great so far. I'm about to order some Meadowsweet but that was already allowed on the list of rules I made for myself.

But you know what? I love backing my quilts in flannel. It makes them so soft and thick and warm. So, maybe, just maybe, if I happen to find some high quality, super beautiful flannel, I might buy it to back quilts instead of using my stash fabrics.

Oh...hey...what's this? It appears to be some sort of flannel fabric:

It's sort of...folksy.

Oh my...these would be perfect for quilt backs, don't you think? Almost too beautiful to be stuck on the back. Do you guys love this new Folksy Flannel or is it not really your thing? Do you like to back your quilts in flannel or not? This is important stuff to know!