At the last minute

Why is it that every time I say "I'm not making anything for anyone!" I end up making something for someone at the very last minute?

Instead of finishing the tutorial last night, I made scarves for Ian's parents for a holiday gift. Ian is leaving for California on Sunday and I want to send them with him. And if his parents are reading my blog right now, just know: sorry I made you scarves...I couldn't think of anything better but Ian mentioned it's been a bit chilly in Sacramento lately...and Ian didn't think you'd like my other ideas.

Anyway, I was without my camera last night so I can't even share pictures of the scarves (they turned out well, I think). Tutorial and scarf pictures will be Monday at the latest, I promise!

So, instead of projects, I'll show you some pictures of my finished tree:

tree all lit up

My three favorite things about our tree this year are:

handmade tree bow

I bought the glittery snowflake ornaments at Target. They were super cheap and I LOVE them. And the little cardinal...cute, right? And then the bow...I've never made a big bow was easy and fun and I think it looks alright.

And here are some bigger snowflakes and my tree skirt:

quilted tree skirt

We're pretty much set for our party tomorrow. I'm nervous anyway...I'm not much for parties or for seeing my family in one large group. And it's at my house so it's not like I can leave when I've absorbed all the "family fun" I can stand. But it will be fine. I mean, there will be food and wine know.