Modify Tradition

Okay everyone, it's time to reveal the Super Secret Project:

Modify Tradition

Jennifer and I have started a blog dedicated to traditional quilting. I'm not really interested in traditional quilting so you know there has to be a twist.

Our goal is to give traditional quilt blocks some modern appeal, to bring new life to these historical blocks.

We'll post tutorials and inspiration each week and you can quilt along with us if you like. At the end of a few weeks, we'll have enough blocks to create a quilt...a sampler quilt. I HATE sampler quilts, don't you? But if we do it right, our samplers will look fresh and modern and hopefully you'll agree.

This week we'll post tips on picking colors and fabric and the first tutorial goes up on Friday. There'll be something for everyone (even if you don't want to quilt along with us) so please stop by if you're at all interested. It should be a fun challenge!